How Does Solar Cogeneration and Energy Storage Work

Solar Cogeneration produces both electricity and thermal energy in the same square foot of sunlight. The highest utilization of the sun’s resources

Solar Cogeneration captures and converts sunlight into both electricity and hot water, reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions far faster than conventional solar energy systems, making it the clear choice for customers committed to environmental sustainability. This integration of photovoltaic (PV) and solar hot water (SHW) technology into one system makes solar cogeneration the most cost-effective solar energy solution available for commercial and industrial scale customers.



Using up to 86 percent of the sun’s delivered energy, Solar Cogeneration captures excess heat that standard photovoltaic panels dissipate as waste and transfers the heat away from the solar collector to produce useful hot water.

Beneath the PV cells, a liquid composed of antifreeze and corrosion deterrent is piped mere millimeters behind the cells to absorb heat. This heats up water while cooling the cell. Cooling the PV cells makes it more efficient to generate even more electricity, 4-10% more!

These Solar Cogeneration panels are three times more efficient than any other solar system technology.

Adding Energy Storage with Solar Cogeneration

Along with capturing solar PV electric energy and solar Thermal heat energy, pairing this solar with Energy Storage can deliver even stronger results as this hybrid configuration addresses not only water heating charges and electric energy use charges but also electric demand charges, which better insulates the building owner from future utility rate changes. The best part is everything happens automatically and requires no intervention on the part of a building owner or property manager.

An energy storage system can store power during periods of low demand (when rates are cheapest). Then release this stored energy from the batteries at a precise time to mitigate the high demand peaks and, as a result, reduce the expensive demand charges.




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