radiant-floorRadiant Heating

Radiant heat provides you with a level of comfort that no other heating system can match.  In forced air homes, overheated air rises to the ceiling, leaving the floor area too cool.  With radiant heat, the area near the floor is comfortable, and the ceiling temperatures are reduced.  Radiant heat also eliminates the heat loss you get with forced air systems, so you won’t have rooms that are too hot or too cold.  Every room in your home will be just the right temperature.

A Healthier Alternative

Forced air heat blows dust and allergens all around your house. (take a look at your furnace filter!)  Radiant heat provides warmth without moving the air around.  Your home is cleaner and healthier.

How Radiant Heat Works

A radiant floor works by conducting heat from water in a tube to the surface of your floor, which releases that heat into your home.  Radiant heating can be used with hardwood, stone, tile and carpeted floors.

Electric radiant heat is used for smaller areas, and hydronic (water) radiant heat is used for larger areas, and areas with a lot of glass.

Barefoot Comfort Indoors and Out

Radiant Heat can also be used for heated patios, to help you enjoy your patio year-round.