SolarCo Energy is known for high-end custom home solar thermal designs.   We use only top of the line products, and can design systems for the home that are used just for household water heating, and also systems that work together seamlessly with other thermal products such as solar pool heating, and warm-floor radiant heat. Call us at the beginning of your next custom home project, either new construction or major remodel, and we’ll show you how much your clients can save with solar thermal systems.


Heating water is a huge expense for many businesses like hotels, restaurants, and apartments, so a commercial solar hot water system is a smart way to save money.  Because of the lower equipment costs and greater energy output, a solar hot water system is the most cost-efficient renewable technology, offering a quicker payback, and reducing annual utility expenses more than any other renewable heating technology.

A solar hot water system can easily be retrofitted to a building, but here are times when it’s more feasible than others.  If the boiler or hot water system is due for replacement, installing solar hot water at the same time can eliminate thousands of dollars from the investment, by choosing a hot water tank and/or boiler compatible with solar.  Integrating solar into new construction makes it even more advantageous, since installation is simpler.

The best candidates for commercial solar hot water are buildings with high and consistent hot water usage.  Systems can efficiently be designed to deliver water up to 160 degrees F.  For commercial use, a solar hot water system will feasibly cover up to 60% of the energy load for heating the water.

CSI is offering huge thermal rebates for commercial solar hot water systems that can pay for up to 50% of the cost of the system, making solar hot water an even better investment.  These projects also receive Title 24 and LEED points.