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Commercial Solar Orange County, CA

Feasibility Assessment

When looking at a solar PV & Storage project in Orange County, California, it’s important to determine up front how qualified a building or property is for solar energy generation. At the early stage of a project, our engineers analyze and qualify the property location, surveying the building to identify the most cost-effective approach for a long-term system installation. Factors to consider include the quality and age of the roof, how much “usable” space is available, the amount of shade present, and the property’s Southern exposure.

Using your electric usage data, a SolarCo Energy project analyst then thoroughly reviews the site to determine the ideal system size and system type. Our team works within the building or land’s available space, roof load requirements, land topography, and within your specific goals and objectives. SolarCo Energy uses industry-leading tools for shading and production analysis and takes pride in the thoroughness of its project qualification process.

We understand what it’s like to go through the financial and installation process firsthand.  This unique perspective allows us to properly assess a project’s feasibility from the customer’s point of view, and we will not recommend solar unless it’s in the best interest of our customers and community.

Our collaborative and practical approach of developing “smart solar” solutions ensures simplified and reliable results that best fit our customers’ needs, and has earned SolarCo Energy a reputation for integrity and quality.

Solar Financing Solutions

Project financing is tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs. SolarCo Energy provides advice and direction in helping customers determine which financial solution is appropriate for them, taking into account variables including ownership structure, federal and state tax appetite, current electric price, cost of capital, state investment return requirements, total system costs, and system life.

SolarCo Energy works closely with our customers to identify the appropriate financial solution by developing a full understanding of their unique needs and objectives. Our Customers actively participate in evaluating the economics of the project by identifying the best investment solution for their circumstances.

Regulatory Process Work

The regulatory environment in California for renewable energy is constantly changing. SolarCo Energy continually remains up-to-date on current regulations and incentives, while constantly working with regulatory agencies in all phases of a solar project.

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