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SolarCo Energy’s turnkey solutions include feasibility assessments, financial and incentive modeling, financing options, regulatory expertise, design and engineering, installation, and ongoing management and maintenance.


Design & Engineer





As part of the overall assessment, SolarCo Energy identifies quality solar energy sites that meet solar optimization, local zoning, and economic standards for owners, investors, and off-takers alike.

Design & Engineer

Key to any successful solar energy project is to ensure that the solar PV system balances solar optimization, aesthetics, economics, and rigorous engineering specifications.

SolarCo Energy tailors solar energy solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs. After preliminary discussions and draft designs, an individual system design is refined upon contract execution. Professional system drawings and documents are prepared to reflect structural, electrical, and solar photovoltaic (PV) requirements and used in the Interconnection Application process with the local utility and city/town inspectors.

Each system is professionally engineered to comply with local codes for electrical and structural requirements.


Quality construction management is paramount to all PV solar installations.  SolarCo Energy’s process starts with the evaluation and procurement of the best materials and equipment and carries through to the management and inspection of the construction process leveraging certified professionals.  We continue to carefully manage the interconnection and commissioning process with the grid until the system is ready to be turned on. Our precise work and careful attention to the solar installation process results in a renewable energy investment capable of solar energy production for twenty-five-plus years.

Solar Energy Management

SolarCo Energy provides real-time reporting and ongoing production tracking to ensure that each solar system achieves its optimal production. Each solar system’s Return On Investment (ROI) is maximized by accurately tracking and reporting. SolarCo Energy provides this ongoing value-added service as part of its turnkey solution, which includes:

  • Verifying that all documentation is correctly received and filed, including permit approvals, final drawings and diagrams, warranty registrations, manuals, and other related documents.
  • Conducting real-time, web-based monitoring to ensure the system meets or exceeds its expected electricity production estimates.

Solar Maintenance

While solar energy systems are fairly passive in their operation, we have found that providing some fundamental solar maintenance and inspection will ensure years of optimal production. SolarCo Energy provides a suite of services to properly maintain your solar energy system and help optimize your renewable energy investment.

Warranty Services

  • If required, work with the component manufacturers to facilitate warranty services throughout the system’s life.
  • Conducting scheduled maintenance services, measuring inverter output, and monitoring system components throughout the array.

Repair Services

  • On occasion, the elements can damage components. Should your system need repair, SolarCo Energy provides the expertise and support to bring the system back into production promptly.

Cleaning Services

  • Over time and based on the local environmental conditions, SolarCo Energy recommends a thorough cleaning of the solar panels. Studies have shown a 5-8% improvement in production for solar panels that undergo biannual cleanings.

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