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Commercial Energy Storage & Microgrids

The cost of renewable energy storage or battery backup has declined sharply in recent years due partly to technological advancements and an increase in manufacturing scale & government incentives. This has led to a renewed interest in commercial energy storage, which can provide several benefits for businesses, including energy security, grid services, and cost savings.

Commercial Energy Storage & Microgrids

Microgrids are becoming an increasingly popular solution for commercial energy storage and backup power. A microgrid is a small-scale, distributed energy system that can provide backup power and energy storage for a commercial building or group of buildings. Commercial energy storage is a critical component of a microgrid, as it allows the system to store energy during times of low demand and release it during times of high demand. Microgrids are also becoming more popular as they can provide backup power and improve grid resilience.

Benefits of Commercial Energy Storage

● Lower Prices Than Utility Rates
● More Resilient Power Supply
● Reliable Backup Power
● Off-Grid Functionality
● A Better Public Image
● Achieve Title 24 California Solar Mandate compliance
●Receive investment tax credits via the Inflation Reduction Act

How we Implement Energy Storage as an Investment to Help You Increase Profits

We design a system that accounts for your energy usage during peak times & outages
We walk through an investment analysis to show you how energy storage makes sense for your business
We size the battery to best suit your needs
We take into account energy-efficient upgrades
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